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100% Cost Effective

Affordable safety and added value for residents. Minimal installation. Enjoy the convenience of accessing your intercom system right from your smartphone.

Global Coverage

We guarantee a quick response wherever you are. This system can be retro-fitted to any telephone entry unit world-wide.

Amazing Customer Support

We take pride in our amazing customer support and heavily focused on quality. We quickly resolve any user’s question.

Main Features

Streaming Video

Get streaming video from your telephone entry system to your smartphone. Push one button on your smartphone to unlock the door. Launch the speaker mode when answered.

Advanced Customization

Have the flexibility to rebrand the app with your own customized name and logo.


Each entry point has a unique code allowing the app to be used across unlimited locations by unlimited users with unlimited uses and unlimited downloads.

Trial Version

  • Try the service for free for 7 days
  • Create an account
  • Download our free app to your device
  • Enter "Location Code" in the app
  • Need Technical Support? Contact us at: 407-250-2712


Full version

  • Low monthly fee 
  • Minimal installation, use your existing cameras or order guaranteed HikVision camera kit.
  • Download our app to your device
  • Enter "Location Code"


Compatible Systems




... and any other !


“This nifty app has given me the piece of mind I needed. Now my tenants have an extra layer of security.”

“What a great concept. Genius! This is such a fantastic app. Now I can see and interact with my guests before I buzz them into the apartment building. I’m safety conscious and this really gives my family peace of mind with so many people coming and going. I’m so happy to have this app and feel my family is now more secure because of it.”

“You guys just saved us $300 thousand with your app! Otherwise we would have had to run wire and put video station in every apartment at $1000.00 each! The monthly fee is peanuts compared to what we’re going to save on build costs.

Great work guys, keep it up! “

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